**member in good standing of the BCOC, BCOA, CKC & AKC, LSKC, IDC**

Welcome to Beaubri Basenji's, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Simone Gaudet and I've been involved with Basenjis since 1997 which is when I bought my first male Basenji "Bogey". I was just looking for a companion. My second Basenji, "Sabrina" came later that year. She was only to stay a month over Christmas but she never left. From that moment on I was hooked on this funny, inquisitive, quirky breed. My kennel name was born in 1999, derived from Beau, a long form of BOgey and Bri from SaBRIna; hence Beaubri.

I started showing shortly thereafter in 2000 and have been enjoying it ever since. My first Best in Show win was in September 2003 with "Gizelle" (Am/ Can/ Int'l Ch Terrarust N Beaubri's Special FX whom I co-) and my second Best in Show win was in March 2004 with "Jambo" (Can/Am/Int'l/Columbia/Ecuador/Puerto Rico/Costa Rica Ch Terrarust N Akuaba Jamboree, whom I co-own and who lives with me). I was honoured to win a third Best in Show with Gizelle in the summer of 2005 under renowned Breeder Judge, Mrs. Margaret Robertson.

Jambo also took an Award Of Merit at the American Nationals in 2004. This was the first American National that I had ever attended so you can imagine it was quite a thrill for me! There were over 300 Basenji's, 67 of them American Champions. Gizelle also made the final 'cut'. In fact, I was the only Breeder/Owner/Handler to have 'Canadian' dogs make the final cut!

I have been successful in having my Basenji's in the top 3 Basenji tally in Canada and in the top 10 All Breed Hound stats. My dogs have won the hound group numerous times as well as attained many hound group placements. Please see each dog's page for their individual wins by going to the girl's page or the boy's page and clicking on the individual's name.

I started actively breeding in 2002 under my CKC Reg'd kennel name BEAUBRI and have produced champions on both sides of the border. I don't breed many litters. If I do breed, both dogs must be fanconi tested, their hips are OFA'd, they are CERF'd for eye problems, and in general, all the health testing that a responsible breeder "should" do is done. In addition to the health testing results posted on each dogs page, please visit the OFA site, www.ofa.org, for actual results posted by the OFA. This is a site that posts ALL BREED DOG HEALTH TESTING directly. The result postings are done by Orthopaedic Foundation Association independently and are ACCURATE & TRUE results of each test.

I was voted in as the British Columbia Director for the Basenji Club of Canada (BCOC) in January 1, 2005. I sponsor and hold Supported Entries and Boosters for Basenji's throughout BC. I was chosen to be the Chairperson for the BCOC 2005 Canadian National, held at LMDF in Abbottsford, BC, which is Canada's largest dog show. Also, I am a member of the BCOA, (Basenji Club of America).

At the 2005 Canadian Nationals, my dogs won first Award of Merit and Best Canadian Bred in Specialty with my first home bred champion Farlap (Can/Am Ch Terrarust N Beaubri's Tail R Made). I won Winners bitch with my puppy Phoenix (Beaubri N Terrarust's Ban on Botox), my up and coming show contender. Phoenix also won Best of Opposite Sex in the puppy sweeps. Phoenix's mother, "Gizelle" won the Best Brood Matron in Specialty. Additionally I also showed "Hawkeye", Gizelle's father, to Best Veteran in Specialty at the Canadian AND American Nationals in 2005.

In 2011, I attended my second Canadian National. Both of my 7 month old puppies entered went Reserve Winners Dog (ACE) and Reserve Winners Bitch (Q). As well, Jambo was Best Veteran in Speciality and received the only Award Of Merit awarded. Patches and Lexus, my current specials, both made the cut for Best Of Breed. Phoenix, the mother of Ace and Q was awarded Best Brood Brood Matron in Specialty. Q also won Best Puppy In Specialty in Puppy Sweepstakes as well as the having the Best Head in Specialty. Patches won 2nd in his Stud Dog Class.

Three of my male dogs are on the American Stud dog honour roll.

I still continue showing dogs because I enjoy it so much. One must always be willing to learn, to develop one self, may it be breeding or the presentation/ training of dogs. I have had the opportunity to work with Cynthia Seeling, one of BC's top handlers. She has given me the chance to work with all types of breeds, thereby enhancing my abilities in the presentation and knowledge of various breeds. I have also attended and continue to attend Health, behaviour, breeding and training seminars and clinics in BC, Canada and Washington and Oregon States.

Gizelle has been chosen to be featured in the 2008 Basenji Calendar. This is the third time one of my dogs has been chosen. Bogey was chosen in 1999 and 2003 and now Gizelle in 2008.

I breed only Purebred Basenji’s that are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, or the American Kennel Club. All my puppies are also registered with the CKC as per their rules. BEWARE of dogs that are sold without CKC registration papers (if born in Canada) and that are not Health tested. If interviewing a breeder please makes sure they can produce the health papers of the Sire and Dam and not just take their word that it has been done. Buying a puppy or an adult dog with-out prior health testing, although very cute, and in need of rescuing, will cost you A LOT in vet fees in the future. Remember the old adage, Buyer Beware.

I am currently a member of The Canadian Kennel Club, The American Kennel Club, The Basenji Club Of Canada, The Basenji Club Of America and The Western Gazehound Club. I am a past member of The Island Dog Club and The Lady Slipper Kennel Club.

Beaubri Basenji’s  has produced  Canada’s Top Winning Basenji’s including Multiple Best in Show Winners, Multiple Best Puppy In Show Winners, Multiple Best Brace In Show Winners, Multiple Best Puppy In Specialty Winners and I am  the only Canadian breeder to achieve that all my current  Basenji’s (as of July 2011) earned their Canine Good Neighbour (CGN) title.

All my puppies and dogs are born, raised and live in my home with my husband Ed and me.

 We have and will continue to ship dogs worldwide upon prior approval.

Again, welcome to Beaubri Basenji's and enjoy your visit.

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