Beaubri’s I’ve Got Rhythm
Gibson - aka "Gibby Goo"

Fanconi: Clear by Parentage
HIPS: To be done at 2 years of age
Patella: Normal by Vet Check

Gibson, What to say about her? Oh my, this is a big challenge…. Just like her

Gibby envelopes life. Plain and simple.

She loves life to its fullest extent and then some….. IF it can’t be done, Gibson will do it. If it has never been done, Gibby will do it. If it has never been thought of being done… Gibby will do it!!! Get the picture? Sadly, I do… SIGH….

Gibson just taking life by the horns is NOT her style. She grabs it, spins it around a few times, let’s go, grabs it again, makes it listen, let’s go, then puts it where she thinks it should be…….. I am frightened by this child J I never know What is going to happen… J Life is her oyster, and she shucks it well… I cannot say enough to describe this youngster. The only thing that comes to my mind is ‘OMG’ what ARE you doing………. Get OFF of that, Leave That alone, Gibby NOOOOOOOO………………………

All being said, she should be a hoot in the show ring < GRIN> I’m very looking forward to showing her.