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To learn more about basenjis click on this link to the Basenji Club of America: Is A Basenji Right For Me?

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Canadian Sites:

Basenji Club Of Canada Rescue (BCOC Rescue)

Breeders Canada

Canine Artistry - Marjorie Rosa, all breed handler in Eastern Canada

Equinox Perm ® Kennels (Miniature Pinschers)

Belly Bands for Boys as well as Panties for Girls during their season
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for me as well as one for yourself.

Mafaili Ya Basenji ... The Basenji Files (links to over 1,000 basenji related sites)


American Sites:

BRAT Rescue - Basenji Rescue

Eldorado Basenjis
Jokuba Basenjis - Russella Bowen in Lugoff, SC
Jokuba Handling - Professional Handler in Lugoff, SC
Peggy Krizak Artist - Specializing in exquisite original oil portraits painted in the Old Master technique.

Show and Pet Portraits are a part of her work

International Sites:

Faraoland Basenji's
Database for ALL Basenji Pedigrees