MBPIS Can Ch Baubri's Master Of Disguize, CGN

Fanconi: Clear by Direct Test
Hips: GOOD
Patella: Normal by Vet Check

Zorro is out of the first Beaubri litter born on Prince Edward Island. In fact he was the first one out, making him the First Beaubri Basenji puppy to put paws on PEI.

His parents are Isabella  and Patches

Zorro is his own man. He's a tough little boy, with attitude, just like his father at 4 months! Guess he has to be if he's going to keep up with the big kidz, Patches, Beau and Montana!! He's got big shoes to fill.

With a name like Zorro, he HAS to be the masked avenger. A super Hero in his own mind :)) He runs around at his fastest speed, like he's trying to save the day :)))) With all the other dogs close behind trying to catch up!

He will lie in the dog bed, waiting and closely watching everyone one else run and play then all of a sudden, SPRING into action running and chasing everybody else around the house.

Zorro is also quite the little talker. He belts out yodels at any given opportunity. Never shy to make his opinion heard :))

Please visit Zorro's page for updates as he grows older and news about his show career.


In 2010, at the tender age of 15 months, Zorro has once again taken the ring by storm, this time as an adult.
He went out with his handler and best buddy,
Marjorie Ross, and took two Group 3rds and a group 2nd over specials) and all from the open male class. I am VERY proud to announce that Zorro has finished his Canadian Championship by placing in the Group except for 1 point that he took from the classes.

Zorro did very well his first show weekend by going Best Puppy in Group at all 4 of the shows as well as Best Puppy In Show at two of the shows!! His father Patches beat him for breed at every show, BUT the comments from the judges were as follows:

"Watch out, this puppy will be winning the breed over his father very soon".

This was said by all 4 judges. Another comment from one of the judges was:

" Exhibitors had better have a very nice special in order to to beat this puppy."

Unfortunately, Zorro decided the show dog life was not for him. He has been placed in a wonderful home with Laura and Rory, where he spends his days taking walks to Starbucks, and just hanging out with the cool people J He remains in my name and will make appearances at Specialty events. Zorro is available for stud. In fact, he already has Grandchildren on the ground….Zorro is a Jambo grandchild & son of Patches.

BPISS/BPIS Can Ch Beaubri Diamond In The Ruff  

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